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Nov 20, 2012 5:00pm EST
. >> there was that cnn story during that all of hurricane about how the new york stock exchange was under 3 feet of water. of course it wasn't true. it wasn't true at all. cnn got that story not from one of its reporters. cnn got the story from an on-line message board on the national weather service website so they got a line 3 feet of water and they put it out. i don't want it on cnn because it could have been done by somebody else, too but that to me is one of the dangers in trying to maintain the best standard, some practice, some place where you can turn and say this is the right way of doing things and this is simply wrong and i have the impression these days despite all of the good things that you have said about all of the curators and whatever. all of that stuff being said, ibm left with an uneasy feeling. i don't know where all of the information is coming from. i don't have a feeling that remember years ago when we knew every camera man taking pictures of some big a dent in cairo? we knew he was taking that picture, and you knew that it was an objective look at was happening at that time. i do
Nov 21, 2012 12:00pm EST
political conversation and cnn living in the middle so awkwardly and trying desperately to keep its base, is it doing good things for our democracy come into the? >> no. of course, not. who? speak was the whole idea of cable television. >> no. spent i feel quite often that if you eliminate, and i since fox forward to occasional commentary, and cnn it would probably improve american democracy overnight. things would simply miraculous we get better. people would talk to one another again, rather than engage in an artificial fight which is what most of the cable television does. >> you take someone like rachel maddow, for example. spent very bright spent i was about to make a point a racial matter is a very smart women. very smart. and could very easily in the old days, and should today, i would love to see rachel maddow as the anchor of one of the evening news programs on network television. but the price of that would be that she would have to keep her opinions to herself. it is her opinions that draw the viewership on msnbc. now, she's a very bright woman, as i said, but i don't want to
Nov 6, 2012 5:00pm EST
awards. use a regular guest hosts of the diane beam show on pbs and cnn and many other broadcast outlets. a native of wichita, kan. she received a bachelor's degree from northwest and journalism from columbia where she was a pulitzer fellow. she will be followed by vicki edwards to is electorate at princeton university's woodrow wilson school of public policy international affairs. .. great pleasure to be here with the four people for whom i have so much admiration and the wife quoted so much time and so many stories. i have i think a little bit of news which is i found out the title of the next book that is coming out between tom so you can figure out the 1992 book by renewing congress. it sounds pretty positive. 2000, the permanent campaign. okay maybe not entirely positive, but at least pretty neutral. six years later the broken branch. okay sounds a little careless. now it's even worse than it looks. the new book is run for your life. [laughter] after that they are going to be marching up and down holding up signs. [laughter] they take on many institutions in washington and elsewhere
Nov 20, 2012 12:00pm EST
't get talked about nbc, cnn or any of the networks. what he just announced as he can do a energy tax tomorrow and not have broken his word and energy tax of course whacking the middle class. he can raise income taxes on people a year from now, which is why what he wanted to do was kick out the bush rates for people less than 250 per year. he can't get -- and this is where you talk about dual mandates. were talking about marginal tax rates on higher income people and successful small businesses. that raises 400 alien. this other taxes in addition to rate increases he wants to include. he talks about the rates. over a decade. so he is $800 billion he plans to raise from higher income people. the size of the dead if he gets that in his budget, assuming he gets the tax hike, he raises a trillion dollars in debt over the next decade. so having solved less than 10% of the problem company then comes back and says that he was going to pay the 8 trillion? .the energy tax, which pours the treasury department has seven times people have been trying to subpoena the information. they don't want t
Nov 1, 2012 5:00pm EDT
. they protest in front of the debate commission on cnn and fox news. they -- to moderate that can spawn all the time from any individual. >> yeah. as a matter of fact direct mail 2 sprnt considered a good run. return. you can see the difference. you mentioned that and the bank of america, what had been the most successful campaign so far? >> the campaign actually inspired us initially toive visit from the broad objective stopping global warming to specific change was the incredible campaign about a year and a half ago. in south africa it was a huge global -- the story is woman walking down the street cape town gets grabbed and thrown to a shack and raped and almost killed. he's a lesbian woman the man was trying to turn her straight. it's an all of thing. the good friends sees this signs a petition asking the minister of justice of the country to take the issue seriously. over the next week and a half 180,000 people take action and the governments huge media exposure after the month of campaigning with the government apologizing and parliament passes a bill to have a investigate to stop it.
Nov 8, 2012 5:00pm EST
. i was watching cnn undecided and the walmart moms model on my laptop and there was a 102nd lag. but anyway, every time one of them attacked the other, the attackers other lines go down. >> we heard that from walmart moms from the get-go from a research so back in 2010 when it was the congressional elections, we heard from them over and over again, people in washington, politicians do not understand, walk a mile in my shoes. we would like to have that guy come and see how i have to -- they don't have the urgency. >> they describe congressmen like bickering children quote unquote. they look at as moms and they say you are like my kids fighting. get the job done and particularly moms who do get the job done. i think it's really frustrating so we heard that again in the debates and in fact they said the town hall debate was where the most prevalent. of course the format allowed for that. and so we said do you know what? it was a waste of precious time. they should've been using that time to tell me what they were going to do to make life better for me. that is what i want to know,
Nov 19, 2012 5:00pm EST
on the cnn program yesterday on the fiscal cliff. >> you have to be careful to talk about taxes that run from the hills but if you talk about revenue and tax reform they will sit still for that conversation. i would say to my friend the congressman he said that sparing the middle-income families doesn't solve the problems. it solves the problem for the middle-income families in america but it does say when it comes to the tax increases let's go to those that can afford to pay the should pay a little more they've been blessed with success and they live in the greatest nation on earth paying a little bit more to solve this national problem a part of the solution isn't unreasonable but we do have to cut spending and we do have to look at entitlement reform that doesn't threaten the existence of important programs like medicare and medicaid. >> host: >> guest: that's right but we have to use the terminology people can understand. we need more revenue. there are several ways the you get revenue. one way is through additional taxes but there are different ways to get additional tax revenue. when we
Nov 14, 2012 9:00am EST
those are things were going to have to stand here in congress. >> deidre walsh with cnn. just wondering since the election, speaker boehner has talked repeatedly about wanting to negotiate a deal with the president on the fiscal cliff and he said he's open to new revenue and talk about when us to compromise. was wondering what you think of his position on this issue and if you're all going to support him this afternoon? >> well, i don't know if you here earlier when i talked about attend one deal but i want to see if you but i want to see the democrats tell me where they're willing to do. all effort for the last two or three days is the democrats are saying they're not willing to get anything. in fact, the president had a meeting last night at the white house with the labor unions, with all these different liberal groups, and everyone of those those groups told the president that he should not deliver anything on reforms over entitlement system, but he should ensure that he delivers a tax increase. i don't think they're open-minded in any way so i think we as republicans if you start ne
Nov 1, 2012 12:00pm EDT
's not as exciting as cnn or fox, but you get the real stories. and i like it. >> they watch c-span on comcast. c-span, created by america's cable companies in 1979, brought to you as a public service by your television provider. >> recently, a zocalo public square and cal humanities discussed the current state and future state of the news industry, focusing specifically on investigative reporting and collaborative journalism practices. this is about an hour and 25 minutes. >> thank you all very much for being here tonight. thanks to cal humanities for making this possible. the topic is vigilance within democracy.the the topic was inspired by the jefferson quote about the price he prim with the price of freedom andce liberty were, were vigilant. also said, as reported to have said that in given the c choice between government and gm newspapers, doingen without ones the others would prefer to havep newspapers in government did but then he got elected to office and to begin tackling he had misquoted. from that, zocalo said big questions may lot of different perspectives. we have re-different people
Nov 8, 2012 12:00pm EST
was very struck that cnn and grew in the message boards if he wins on election night in any way that you could find the information you were looking for. i was really struck by margaret hoover was a political columnist that people thought she would not be smart and every time she speaks you think wow is she smart. who are the people who are starting to blow you away for the institutions that you thought played a major role. >> i would say going back to my original theory the victory lab ki kneal did and he was saying it before anybody else was saying that this was going to turn down to turnout and techniques and so i give him a lot of credits. >> i'm afraid this might be a little controversy all but i would say this was the year of the pole and he nailed it. on the political side i am really impressed and he is going to be a player. he could be the republican supreme court nominee if not a candidate for president or vice president. >> tell us more about cruz i don't think people have heard about him to the estimate he could become a supreme court clerk, he was the clerk to be serving in
Search Results 0 to 9 of about 10